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Day One: On Imposter Syndrome

It's no secret that I don't have decades of experience under my belt. This used to make me unbelievably anxious when meeting potential clients. The self-doubt and fear would creep into my mind, overshadowing my abilities, and causing an internal turmoil that I couldn't quite shake off.

That same anxiety would quickly fade every time I signed on a new client. I would exhale a sigh of relief, "why was I so worried?"

As most of us do, I constantly battle with imposter syndrome. Am I good enough? Am I too young? Should I be charging less? The answers I found were yes, no, no. But arriving at those conclusions was not an easy journey.

What helped me over the years is realizing that we all struggle with a form of imposter syndrome. It's a common battle we face, whether we're fresh into our careers or seasoned professionals. Recognizing that others felt the same way made the struggle more human, more relatable. If we know that everyone around us shares this struggle, why should we be so hard on ourselves?

Fast forward a few years... Have I gotten rid of my imposter syndrome? No, but I'm getting much better at handling it. It no longer consumes me; it challenges me. It keeps me on my toes and pushes me to constantly improve, learn, and grow.

Have I gained decades of experience? No, I'm still in my early 20s after all. But what I lack in years, I aim to make up for in passion, dedication, and the hunger to grow.

Have I gained a new perspective? Yes, and it's a liberating one. I no longer see my age as a weakness; I see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to prove my age is not a representation of my work, just the day I was born. An opportunity to prove that youth is not a lack of expertise but a fresh perspective, a new approach, a different way of seeing things.

This shift in perspective has changed the way I approach my work, my clients, and myself. It's turned fear into fuel, anxiety into ambition, and doubt into determination.

How do you deal with imposter syndrome? What are your strategies for overcoming the self-doubt and fear that often come with being in a competitive, challenging field? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Together, we can build a community of support, empathy, and encouragement, where we embrace our unique paths, our individual journeys, and the beautiful struggle that makes us grow.

Borys Skowron

August 8, 2023

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